Plan 9

Plan 9 port of flex, a lex clone. Uses mk and pcc. Useful for porting other programs.
A port of GraphViz to Plan 9. Uses mk and pcc. dot, neato and twopi are built.

hget http://www2.davidashen.net/graphviz-p9.tbz|bunzip2|tar xT
cd graphviz-p9
mk BIN'='$home/bin/$objtype install

to build the binaries,

dot -Tps graphs/directed/crazy.dot -o crazy.ps
page crazy.ps

To visualize a graph.

Useful Bits

Sam 4.3 for Unix by Rob Pike. I use it to write code and documentation.
Patch to the above to enable Unicode keyboard input under X11. It allows to just type text with keyboard layout according to xkb settings (that is, Hebrew, Armenian, Japanese etc.). Sam's compose macros are preserved and can still be used. sam+ucs+indent.diff.gz includes another patch to enable autoindent in Sam, if anyone is interested. It is temporary, I hope, as when I will do what I am going to things like autoindent will be external to Sam, and Sam's code will remain untouched (except for the unicode keyboard input).
Relax NG splicer. It takes a Relax NG grammar in XML syntax, expands all includes and externalRefs, and optionally replaces references to text, empty, or notAllowed with the patterns. The result is a 'compiled' schema convenient for distribution.

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